Jesse Jackman

jesse jackman fucks julian knowles outdoor

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Jesse Jackman Fucks Julian Knowles Outdoor in Big Bro Scene 03 at TITAN MEN During a break in yard work, Julian Knowles needs relief from the heat. Jesse Jackman suggests he cool off in the pool—and then joins him for a skinny dip. Their roughhousing escalates as they take their kissing poolside—and Julian nurses on […]

Daymin Voss

jason vario and daymin voss flip fuck

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Jason Vario and Daymin Voss Flip Fuck in Scene 2 Big Brother at TITAN MEN Jason Vario wakes up Daymin Voss, who’s running late for their workout. “I’ve always looked up to you like a big brother,” says Daymin, gazing deep into the muscle man’s eyes. Replies Jason: “There’s nothing wrong with a little brotherly […]

Luke Adams

hung stud tristan jaxx fucks luke adams hard

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Hung Stud Tristan Jaxx Fucks Luke Adams Hard in Big Brother, Scene 1 at TITAN MEN Luke Adams gets caught in his jockstrap by gym bud Tristan Jaxx: “Damn dude, that’s a big ass”. So Tristan fingers the jock’s muscle butt, slapping it as they smooch. Luke grabs the big bulge in Tristan’s shorts, the […]

Adam Ramzi

dakota rivers pounds adam ramzi hard

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Dakota Rivers Pounds Adam Ramzi Hard in L.A. Cruising, Scene 4 at TITAN MEN Tall Dakota Rivers brushes shoulders with Adam Ramzi on the sidewalk. Their kisses are building in intensity once inside. Dakota strokes his big cock while he slurps Adam’s uncut rod. Adam moans “Fuck yeah!” as he looks at Dakota’s dick. Also […]

Jacob Durham

tex davidson pounds jacob durham deep

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Tex Davidson Pounds Jacob Durham Deep in L.A. Cruising, Scene 2 at TITAN MEN Spotting Jacob Durham across the street, Tex Davidson gives a nod—getting motioned over by the blue-collar stud, who leads him into a building. “Wow, man!” marvels Jacob as Tex releases his monster, which gets shoved deep down the sub’s throat. Tex […]

Jeremy Spreadums

tristan jaxx fucks jeremy spreadums

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Tristan Jaxx Fucks Jeremy Spreadums in L.A. Cruising Scene 1 at TITAN MEN Big-biceped passerby Jeremy Spreadums is cruising Tristan Jaxx hard . So they take their make-out session inside. Also Jeremy is working up the bulge in Tristan’s briefs. He swallows the salt-and-pepper stud’s big uncut cock, while Tristan whipping it on his tongue. […]

Dakota Rivers

dakota rivers fucks jeremy spreadums hard

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Dakota Rivers Fucks Jeremy Spreadums Hard in “Bad Cop 2: Scene 1” at TITAN MEN At his locker, tall Dakota Rivers is approached by a smiling Jeremy Spreadums. Some taser play stings Jeremy, with Dakota offering to kiss and make it better. “You can fucking kiss this!” demands Jeremy, whipping out his cock. Dakota slurps […]

Dallas Steele

jason vario bangs dallas steele

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Jason Vario Bangs Dallas Steele in “Muscle Daddies, Scene 1” at TITAN MEN Gripping Jason Vario’s tight balls, Dallas Steele moans “Fuck!” while he slobbers on the stud’s meaty cock. Since he rubs his hand on the jock’s muscular chest, Jason guiding the sucker down deep on his dick again. So Dallas’s big boner throbs […]