Tegan Barebacks Vander at CHAOS MEN

For the Pure videos, I am usually looking for the guys to be able to pull of some sensual passion. That is harder for a lot of the straight guys, so these videos are few and far between. Given how great Tegan did at his oral video, I knew he could jump right in and have crazy hot sex with Vander. It was asking a lot of him for his very first video, but with Vander as his partner, it was super easy. Tegan is more of a Bottom, but I think he excels at Topping too. He was pretty sure he would struggle to take Vander’s cock, but he got in bossy mode, so just topped Vander the entire time. We ran with what was working! These two make-out a lot, and literally can’t get enough of each other! Tegan might have been reticent to sit on Vander’s cock, but he sure can suck a fat dick! Vander’s girth was no problem for him! He loved fucking Vander too, then making him clean his cock. I think we even get some toe sucking in there too!

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