Trey Turner and Cesar Rossi Flip Fuck in “The Couple That Watches Porn Together Stays Together” at MEN OVER 30

Trey and Cesar are sitting in their bed wearing nothing but underwear and watching a porn scene together.  They are groping each other through the underwear as they get turned on by what they see.

Soon they are extremely horny and decide to close the laptop and Cesar starts sucking Trey and doing his best to deep throat his huge thick cock.  They move into a 69 and both suck like champs!  Trey then begins rimming Cesar’s hairy ass to the delight of Cesar.

He then fucks Cesar long and deep as Cesar rides that fat throbbing cock up and down.  After a while he tells Cesar that he wants to get fucked too and Cesar then fucks Trey doggy style.  Trey lies on his side as Cesar continues to fuck him and stroke Trey’s cock at the same time.

Trey then says he is not done with Cesar yet and pulls him to the edge of the bed where he continues to fuck Cesar hard and deep until Cesar cannot hold back and he shoots some large thick streams of cum everywhere.  Trey sucks the last drops out of Cesar’s cock and then shoots his own load all over him. Enjoy!


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