versatile lovers flip fuck

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Trey Turner and Dustin Steele, Versatile Lovers Flip Fuck at MEN OVER 30 Trey & Dustin are working on re-doing the walls in their home.  Dustin is up on a ladder removing nails from the wall and giving Dustin a little bit of grief for putting so many holes in the wall.  Trey has other things […]

ray diesel and trey turner fuck hans berlin and brian bonds

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Ray Diesel and Trey Turner Fuck Hans Berlin and Brian Bonds in Tops vs. Bottoms Pt 1 at BREED ME NOW Tops vs. Bottoms is how this pool game was gonna be played but it didn’t take long before the sticks where dropped and the balls were out between these bareback sluts. Ray Diesel and […]

trey turner and cesar rossi flip fuck

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Trey Turner and Cesar Rossi Flip Fuck in “The Couple That Watches Porn Together Stays Together” at MEN OVER 30 Trey and Cesar are sitting in their bed wearing nothing but underwear and watching a porn scene together.  They are groping each other through the underwear as they get turned on by what they see. […]

trey turner drills brayden allen

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Trey Turner Drills Brayden Allen in “When Tops Needs A Pounding Part 2” at MEN OVER 30 Brayden has just got home from the gym but as he is undressing he notices a used condom and wrapper next to the bedside. He picks it up and immediately his heart drops as he knows Trey has […]

trey turner and osiris blade fuck with double ended dildo

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Trey Turner and Osiris Blade Fuck With Double Ended Dildo in “Double Ended Fun” at EXTRA BIG DICKS It’s game night over at Osiris’s house and he’s getting the board all ready for Trey when he arrives. Trey arrives in perfect timing but he suggests a new game and points to a long brown bag. […]

hairy guy landon kovac fucks trey turner

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Straight Hairy Guy Landon Kovac Fucks Trey Turner at BAIT BUDDIES Trey is back once again, even bigger this time, just take a look at his thighs! He tells Caruso he’s crossed the psychological, cultural and religious boundaries and is pretty much exclusively into gay sex now. He also says that he especially loves straight […]

hot gay threesome

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Hot Gay Threesome with Trey Turner, Alessio Romero and Braxton Smith in Pool Party Pass-Arounds: Part 2 at MEN OVER 30 Trey and Dimitri finally come back to the pool party and every one knows exactly what they were up too. After a few details about the hot encounter Braxton brags to Alessio and Trey […]

trey turner fucks dimitri kane

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Trey Turner Fucks Dimitri Kane in Pool Party Pass Arounds: Part One at MEN OVER 30 Summer is coming to a close and what better way to end it than with a pool party with some buddies. The water is nice but Dimitri can be seen chatting with Trey topside while the rest of the […]

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Trey Turner fucks Christopher Daniels at MEN OVER 30 Keywords:Hairy, Sucking, Rimming, Fucking, Cumshot, Video Preview For more CLICK HERE

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Doug Jeffries and Trey Turner Flip Fuck in “In The Pink” at MEN OVER 30 Keywords:Muscle, Sucking, Rimming, Fucking, Flip Flop, Cumshot For more CLICK HERE