Warrick Cade fucks Rogue Status in Grease Monkey Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

Shaved-headed Rogue Status works on his motorcycle—and catches tall Warrick Cade cruising him. Rogue quickly gets on his knees to whip out the smooth-and-tattooed stud’s cock. Rogue takes it to the root, working the slick shaft up beautifully as Warrick rubs the sucker’s head. They kiss, Rogue soon tonguing Wade’s hole before they switch positions. The big and beefy stud soon buries his cock deep in Rogue’s ass, getting sweatier by the second as he grinds it in. Rogue sits down on the top, jacking his own cock as he rides, his hand planted on Warrick’s giant quad. The top wraps his massive arms around the bottom and grips them together tight, then turns Rogue on his back on the motorcycle for more. The hairy bottom grips the handlebars as he gets fucked, moaning “Keep going hard, you’re gonna make me come! Harder!” as they release.

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