Abraham Al Malek fucks blond Johnny V in “Filthy Fucks” at RAGING STALLION

Dark, bearded Abraham Al Malek and muscled, blond Johnny V look like boxers waiting for the ‘ding’ that will send them hurtling on a collision course into center ring. Both are naked from the waist up, but soon they are naked from the waist down, too. Johnny sucks on Abraham’s uncut cock, the balls slapping his chin. Johnny, with his cock dripping precum, squats over Abraham’s face, who eagerly starts sucking Johnny’s cock and eating his ass. Lowering himself onto Abraham’s cock, Johnny starts jacking himself while riding Abraham up and down. It’s a high-energy romp of muscular athleticism, with Johnny’s hole getting an epic pounding. When Johnny looks towards you, the pleasure and pain in his eyes is easy to see. When they reach the peak of pleasure, Johnny pumps out gobs of cum onto his abs while swallowing Abraham’s load.

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