Adam Champ fucks Donnie Dean in Catch 22 Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

The stubbly chins of Adam Champ and Donnie Dean scrape against each other as they kiss, Donnie gripping Adam’s huge, hairy pecs. Adam licks Donnie’s scruffy bod, wrapping his hot lips around Donnie’s meat as he starts a sultry suck that works Donnie up rock hard. Donnie smiles as he looks down, shaking his cock in Adam’s face. “Take it!” he moans as Adam deep throats him. He holds the back of Adam’s head as he fucks his face, then gets on his knees to swallow Adam’s uncut meat. Donnie plants his lips to the thick base, his nose buried in pubes before he slides his lips up and tugs on the stud’s foreskin. Adam’s massive pec twitches as he gets sucked, the muscle man soon eating his bud out. He fucks Donnie from behind, his huge quads slamming the bottom’s ass. Donnie slides up and down in it, then gets on his back. The bottom shoots a stream that hits his nip and slides down his ribs, Adam releasing on the bottom’s cock.

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