Adam Ramzi and Nick Prescott Flip Fuck in TAXMAN CUMETH Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

Stroking his bushy meat, Nick Prescott gets interrupted by bearded agent Adam Ramzi—who needs to do a home office inspection. “Most home offices don’t have a bed in them,” says the skeptical taxman. “Don’t bust my balls, man,” replies Nick, who moves in and drops to his knees. Adam beats his uncut cock on Nick’s bearded mouth and hungry tongue, bending down for a kiss before fucking the sucker’s face. They kiss, Adam gripping Nick’s sac as he sucks him back. They take off their shirts, the sight of each other’s chiseled bodies exciting them even more. Nick reaches down for a kiss as Adam whip’s Nick’s dick on his chest. Nick wraps his arm around Adam as he fucks him from behind, kissing the bottom’s neck. Nick’s boner bounces up when released from Adam’s hole, the bottom getting on his back for more. They suck each other again before Nick offers his hole, his ear getting nibbled from behind before he gets on his back—and is then fed cum off Adam’s fingers after the top rubs it on Nick’s hairy bod.

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