Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks Deep in “It’s Coming” at RAGING STALLION

Adam Ramzi is the proud new owner of the infamous murder house. Boyfriend Beaux Banks reluctantly helps him move in. What is the shadowy figure the security cameras pick up in the hallway? Later that night, Adam and Beaux are in bed. They hear a noise but Adam distracts anxious Beaux by putting his big hairy cock in his mouth. All the sucking gets Adam throbbing hard and ready to fuck. To get Beaux lubed and opened up, he plants his face beard deep inside the perfectly toned ass.

It’s time to go all the way and Adam tells Beaux to climb on and take it. Beaux is happy to do exactly that. So he rides Adam’s amazing cock as deep as it will possibly go inside his ass. And Beaux takes Adam’s rock hard cock every way he can. Finally Adam pulls out and explodes on Beaux’s dark hairy pubes. All the cum splashing all over him makes Beaux deliver his own load. Finally it pops out and mixes with Adam’s creamy juice. Is someone watching? Beaux still doesn’t think he wants to spend the night and the two have a huge argument. Beaux storms out leaving Adam all alone. Enjoy!


Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks Deep 01 Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks Deep 02 Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks Deep 03 Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks Deep 04


Watch “It’s Coming” at RAGING STALLION


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