Alex Graham fucks Aaron Steel by the pool in Fire Island House Boy Ep. 5 at DOMINIC FORD

Two more boys want to be the Fire Island House Boy. Both Aaron Steel and Alexander Graham respond to the posting out in the Pines. Their meeting is at the same time, but when they get to the house, no one is there. Instead, there is a note that tells them the owner is watching, and they should show him what they’ve got. And they certainly do. This passionate, intense scene starts with Alexander and Graham blowing each other and kissing each other and it quickly leads to hard fucking by the pool!

Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_01 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_02 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_03 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_04 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_05 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_06 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_06a Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_06b Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_07 Alex Graham fucks Aaron Steel by the pool 08 Alex Graham fucks Aaron Steel by the pool 09 Alexander-Graham-and-Aaron-Steel_10