Alex Graham fucks Tony Orion in House Rules Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

Alex Graham is distracted by sex sounds at work. He pops his head over the cubicle, spotting Tony Orion stroking his uncut meat while watching porn. Alex rounds the corner and plants a kiss on him. Alex teases him like a champ, working his tongue all over before licking up Tony’s sac and shaft. Alex takes him deep, Tony guiding the sucker’s head up to spit in his face. Alex stands, his steel cock pointed at the ceiling. Tony sucks it masterfully, the muscles all over Alex’s smooth body twitching. Tony looks up and smiles, Alex reaching down for a kiss. Tony gets his hole munched before Alex fucks him. The top wraps his arms around the bottom and pulls him in tight, soon guiding Tony’s arm back to touch him in a sensual sequence. Alex’s fleshy cock disappears inside Tony’s tan ass, the top inching closer to breathe on the back of the bottom’s neck. Tony sits on the top before getting on his back, the desk squeaking in a spirited fuck before they squirt.

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