Bearsilien Sling Fucks Zack Acland at HAIRY AND RAW

Zack Acland was in the mood to be treated like a complete and utter cockwhore. Naturally, there was only one man suited for the job. That was bearded scruffy Master, Bearsilien. He will put the hairy beefy Zack through his paces.

As the submissive in this scene, Zack does everything Bearsilien asks of him. He is begging for cock, to be used, to be treated like the bareback slut that he is. And it doesn’t get any hotter than fucking bareback in a make-shift sling with spit for lube. Bearsilien is turning Zack into his personal whore for the evening.

The bald, bearded fucker spits all over Zack, treating him like garbage. The harder and rougher he gets, the more Zack enjoys it. Bearsilien shoots his seed, feeding some of it to Zack. This only pushes the big beefy redhead over the edge. Zack comes and Bearsilien eats all his cum then shares it with Zack in a sloppy, sticky kiss.


Bearsilien Sling Fucks Zack Acland 01 Bearsilien Sling Fucks Zack Acland 02



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