Beefy Rugby Daddy Adam Herst Strips at HARD BRIT LADS

Adam starts off standing, in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you notice is Adams powerful muscular build. Broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs, his thighs and calves are huge. If youre a fan of big legs, youre gonna go nuts over Adam Herst. Fortunately he is not shy about showing off his legs and he gives us a really hot show. First, he rubs his bulge and starts stroking his chest, then lifts his vest to show off his great six pack, lifting it further to reveal his firm pecs and hairy chest. He tugs on his nipples a bit, starting to get really turned on, then takes off his top. Adam has one seriously hot body. He starts rubbing body oil in to his arms, pecs and abs, making his muscles glisten.

Adam goes back to his bulge, gripping it and rubbing it, then pulls down his shorts, nice and slow, leaving him in just a jockstrap. He reaches for the oil again, and starts rubbing it into his huge legs. Then he turns around to show his meaty arse, bending forwards, he rubs the oil into his butt cheeks and in his butt crack. Then he starts to rub his hole and push his finger in.. He stands again, and his bulge has grown inside his jock. Adam gently rubs and strokes it, and it gets longer and thicker, then he takes off his jock. His dick hangs thick and heavy, semi hard, his pubes are untrimmed and bushy, and he starts playing with his dick, nice and slow. He frequently tugs on his firm nipples as he works his dick, turning himself on.

Adam is on the sofa now, laying back, legs bent, wide apart, looking even bigger than before at this angle. As he strokes his meat with one hand, he starts to rub his hole with the other. He reaches for a black rubber butt plug, and rubs lube into it. So he gently rubs it against his hole, letting out a horny grunt as it fills his arse.. He always liked using a butt plug, especially after seeing a kitty tail cosplay, it was something he just had to try. This really seems to make his cock twitch, and taking his hand off the butt plug, leaving it inside, stretching his hole, he starts to work his dick harder.. His cock throbs harder than before, and he speeds up..

Adams muscles start to flex and tense all over, and he beats away at his dick, working himself to a great climax, and then his spunk starts squirting out over his sweaty bulging pecs, and as the jizz flows, he keeps on working his dick, squeezing out the last few drops as he catches his breath, giving us a final sexy look.


Beefy Rugby Daddy Adam Herst Strips 01 Beefy Rugby Daddy Adam Herst Strips 02



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