Bennett Anthony and Micah Brandt Flip Flop Fuck in the barbers chair at TITAN MEN

We’ve all experienced the casual but undeniable sexual energy of a barber shop. One man giving up a bit of control while the other serves him. The unspoken give and take. Tattooed, red-headed Bennett Anthony trims the hair and beard of the muscular Micah Brandt. A simple trim becomes a real sexual give and take as the two enjoy a flip-fuck right in the barber’s chair.  Micah pays Bennett back by leaning down to suck Bennett’s hard dick. Yes, he’s got red hair everywhere. Bennett, pants still around his knees, drops to pull out Micah’s big, hard dick and sucks him back. Trading of blowjobs becomes trading of rim jobs and Micah buries his face in Bennett’s ass and Bennett returns the favor before hopping up on Micah’s dick and sliding his ass down on it. The sexual chemistry between these men is undeniable. These men are really enjoying getting to know every inch of each other. Seeing Micah’s thick hard dick slamming into Bennett’s asshole is something you won’t want to miss. When it’s time to switch positions, the two men are uncontrollable… Micah cums TWICE before blowing a big third load with Bennett’s dick buried in his hole. Bennett hops up on Micah’s chest and blows his own load right into Micah’s face and the two finish off swapping spit and cum.

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