Blue Bailey fucks Leo Forte hard in The Pack Episode 1: Derailed at NAKED SWORD

How far should you go to belong? In NakedSword’s The Pack, Cam Christou is about to find out. On a New York subway car, tense newcomer Pony (Cam Christou) sees two hot guys (Leo Forte and Blue Bailey) making out. He wants to join them, but he misses his chance when they get off the train. Maybe it’s for the best — after all, these boys aren’t messing around. In a dark and powerful scene unlike most anything you’ve seen before, the boys fight for dominance in the kitchen of their apartment. Blue wins the first round, fucking Leo’s hungry hole, but Leo isn’t one to submit (at least not easily), and soon he’s showing who’s really in charge. A scene you have to see to believe!

NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_02 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_03 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_04 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_05 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_06 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_07 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_08 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_09 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_10 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_11 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_12 Blue Bailey fucks Leo Forte NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_13 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_14 Blue Bailey fucks Leo Forte NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_15 NSV025_ThePack_LeoForte_BlueBailey_16