Boss Alex Gray Foot Worshipped at MY FRIENDS FEET

Alex Gray is an cute guy with a crooked smile. He has muscular legs and great feet. For such a sexy guy he is shy and quiet, but he has a very wild side too. His size 9 feet are in great shape with smooth soles. That is surprising because he runs and lifts weights so much.

You’d have to love being bossed around and worshipping feet to the fullest extent if you had Alex Gray as your boss. Wow, this guy can be downright mean. Justin Case doesn’t seem to mind being pushed around though, especially if it means keeping his job.

The real boss was in the hospital for a week, leaving Alex in charge of everything. He wanted to take full advantage of the position, calling Justin into his office for some humiliating foot worship. He makes Justin sniff his very stinky socks for a long time before ordering him to take his socks off to worship his bare feet.

Alex approved more of Justin’s oral foot love than his massaging skills, getting naked to stroke his hard cock to orgasm while Justin sucked away at his size 9 feet!

Boss Alex Gray Foot Worshipped 01 Boss Alex Gray Foot Worshipped 02



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