Chris Bines Fucks Scott Riley Outdoor in Heated 2 at FALCON STUDIOS

A dip in the pool may be cooling for some, but it lights a fire in the loins of Chris Bines and Scott Riley. They jump out, towel off and get naked in a hurry. Chris is hungry for the taste of Scott’s succulent hole, so he helps himself by kneading Scott’s bubble-butt and corkscrewing his tongue into his smooth crack. Scott assists by spreading his legs and his cheeks for Chris’ tongue to go deeper. Scott says thank you with a sopping wet blowjob as Chris tweaks his own nipples. Bracing himself against a pool chair, Scott prepares for a hole-stretching hard fuck. Spit provides the lube for Chris’ cock to slide in deep. Hitting the deck, they continue to fuck, missionary style. Sunlight reflecting off their sweaty abs highlights every ridge and muscle. After filling Scott’s ass with dick, Chris fills his mouth with hot cum. Scott licks it all up, then shoots his bursting load onto Chris’ abs.

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