Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi Flip Fuck in Blueprint Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

Plumber Dirk Caber looks at landscape designer Adam Ramzi’s blueprints…but gets distracted by his ass. Adam needs a big pipe for his plan. “Like how big? Eight inches?” asks Dirk. “Eight inches would be good,” smiles Adam, the two locking lips as they rub each other’s bodies. Adam fucks Dirk’s face, the two then kissing and pulling each other’s nips as they face off in hot swordplay. Adam deep throats Dirk, then gets his hole munched and fucked. Adam sits down on Dirk’s dick, his own cock bobbing back and forth as he rides. Dirk reaches around to stroke Adam, who soon fucks him back—licking his own load off Dirk’s chest before kissing him.

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