Alpha Males Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck at LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

Where the bears are I want to be! Valentino Medici makes his first appearance in this set of scenes (which will be collected in the upcoming Raw DVD film) and he’s showing off his goods to Dylan James. These two have matching body types — they’re well muscled and rock solid in their builds — which shows when they start fucking each other, because it’s apparent they’re not afraid of breaking anything. Dylan had fun bottoming completely for Viktor Rom before, but he’s got some frustrations he wants to work out, and Valentino is more than happy to get on all fours and give him his hole to pound. It’s a great session between two awesome Lucas Entertainment exclusive models!

LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 02 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 03 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 04 Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck 05 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 06 Dylan James And Valentino Medici Flip Flop Fuck 07 LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 08 LVP218_Valentino_Medici_01LVP218_Valentino_Medici_02LVP218_Valentino_Medici_03LVP218_Valentino_Medici_04LVP218_Valentino_Medici_05LVP218_03_Dylan_James_Valentino_Medici 09


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