Eddy Ceetee Fucks Nick Capra Hard in Grease Monkey Scene 1 at TITAN MEN

Perched under a pickup truck in his shop, mechanic Nick Capra grabs his own bulge…getting the attention of beefy Eddy Ceetee, who bends down to start rubbing the stud’s crotch. “You look like you like that,” he says, Nick’s initial apprehension quickly turning to curiosity (“Maybe I do…”). Eddy unclips the hunk’s overalls and rubs his hairy muscle chest, then takes out Nick’s big dick and strokes it. He soon has the thick shaft in his mouth, Nick getting more verbal with each slurp: “Wrap those lips around it! Wax that fat cock!” Nick sucks back, his own cock throbbing as he plants his noise in Eddy’s pubes. “Take the whole thing…all the way!” instructs Eddy as Nick gulps it up. The two kiss, their cocks grinding together, before Nick bends over the hood to get his ass eaten (“Open up that hole!”). Eddy fucks him from behind, yelling “Back up on it!” as Nick moans. “Put i t back in!” yells Nick as Eddy slides out. “Fuck! You’re making my dick drip!” Eddy’s pecs shake as he fucks hard and fast, Nick then sitting down on him—his own boner bobbing as Eddy grips his waist. On his back, Nick gets slammed some more before the two squirt on him.

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