Gabriel Phoenix Drills Koby Lewis in “Yard” at UK HOT JOCKS

Bold and brazen, Gabriel Phoenix and Koby Lewis square up to each other, sizing each other up and getting a visual taste of what’s on the menu. Hands wander, kissing is instantly on-rythym and perfectly synced with one another. Chemistry you just can’t invent! Koby is pushed down, laid back and stripped of his red jock, only for it to be stuffed into his mouth. And Gabriel gets to work on his hard cock… all in one horny action! Giving him the blow job of his life, Koby groans and writhes. So Gabriel stuffs two fingers up his hole, working in unison with each up-and-down on his dick, it’s a full service suck! Getting up, Koby mouths the outside of Gabriels Jockstrap. And then he is yanking it down and springing up Gabriels veiny, hard and ceiling pointing glory!

Koby takes his time with this, worshiping his dick, a little lick here and there. Then he is stuffing the whole lot down to the back of his throat, only able to breathe the manly scent of Gabriels pubes through his nose as it’s crushed up against them. Totally punishing his own throat and making those sweet tears of gaging joy drift out of his eyes, he gazes up at him only wanting more. Gentleman Gabriel always licks it before he sticks it and takes great pleasure in doing so. Pulling that hole open to get his tongue in deeper, Koby lends a hand and pulls his cheeks apart. Beard brushes on hole and Koby can’t take any more, he wants fucked. Gabriel stands up and takes the position. Also he eases himself into his well lubricated fuck hole and feels him clenching on his cock.

Getting into full force Gabriel has an beautiful rhythm, incrementing to a serious pounding! His hairy arse jackhammers away, Koby is fucking loving it! Spinning it around, Koby takes all the control and rides him reverse cowboy. Sliding up and down on his meat in a hypnotic way, basically fucking himself on Gabriel. All the while Gabriel puts his hands behind his head and enjoys! Spun around again they face each other, Gabriel takes back his edge and pummels him from underneath. And Koby grits his teeth, burns his head into his hairy chest and screams in intense pleasure! Bang bang bang bang until he can’t take any more, shooting his load onto Gabriels stomach. Standing up Gabriel takes aim and fucking FIRES thick ropes of cum all over pretty boy Kobys face… wow!


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