Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy at GUY BONE

Comfy on the bed they got, clothes coming off, hard dicks aching for attention. Seth went down on Greyson first. He’s such a sexy redheaded cub, furry as can be, with a super talented mouth. He serviced Greyson’s raging hardon and made sexcellent sucking sounds. When they kissed, there was so much passion. Each kiss was intense. Each touch electric. Seth spit on his palm and gently stroked his partner’s cock. The couple explored each other’s bodies and Seth sucked on Greyson’s super stiff shaft some more. They switched sucking spots and Seth fed his ginger dick to his partner in crime. He held the headboard and humped Greyson’s mouth. His pink and slippery cock slid in and out of Greyson’s newly bearded mug with ease. Also Greyson’s tongue worshipped Seth’s chubby cock. Heaven to watch them blow each other.

Then the main attraction, the bareback fucking between boyfriends. Seth sat on Greyson’s lap and let his partner work his thick cock into his tight hole. Greyson’s dick is impressive and somewhat intimidating but Seth was up for the challenge. Greyson took it nice and easy, readying his bottom with the head of his dick then bit by bit his shaft slid in until he was fucking Seth balls deep.  Also Greyson truly scored with his ginger bear find. Seth’s pink dick matched his pink nipples and pink hole and his milky white skin looked perfect next to Greyson’s darker hair and olive skin. They were 69’ing and the sounds they made were spectacular! So Seth switched between sucking Greyson’s fat boner and eating his furry hole.

Back to the bareback boning. Greyson had his super stiff dick buried in his boyfriend’s redheaded hole and was filling him up with raw goodness. Also they were in spooning position which shows off penetration superbly. Greyson’s nuts were loose and full and danced in his sack as he fucked Seth’s accommodating ass. They became one entity, a fucking machine, as Greyson plugged Seth’s backdoor. So Seth was first to shoot his load. How could he not be when he had Greyson’s boner buried deep inside him? Greyson fucked him harder as Seth stroked himself off, nutting all over the bed and bellowing almost as loud as Greyson’s signature cum cry. Greyson  jerked his dick and came a big wallop on Seth’s auburn beard. Finally he cried out in absolute ecstasy as Seth tasted the remains of glistening cum trickling from his cock.


Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 01 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 02 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 03 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 04 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 05 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 06 Greyson Kent Breeds Hot Ginger Seth Clancy 07


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