Cute Italian Guy Kiefer Jerks Off at CHAOS MEN

Kiefer is cute Italian guy with a somewhat Jersey or North Philly accent. You can hear his accent right away during the interview. He was excited to come to Texas to hear others speaking with a southern accent. He of course didn’t think he himself had an accent. He is studying nursing and also bartending to put himself through school. Kiefer is Vegan and likes to work out. He says he likes jocks, but also said he liked mature guys too. Kiefer is versatile, saying he excels at both bottoming and topping. He also loves to give head. He is pretty relaxed during his solo, and his cock gets hard as I hover over him closely with the camera. Yup, he likes mature guys! Kiefer has a nice slow stroke that allows us to see his cock, and also hot bubble but with a little pink hole!
His cum shot is great as he pulls a big load out of his cock!


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