Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw at GUY BONE

Everyone’s favorite ginger, Aussie muscle cub is back! And this time he’s got resident GuyBone furball sextraordinaire Jay Davis in tow! They started naked on the bed, because who needs clothes? Both impressive cocks were already raging hard and ready to be sucked. The amount of body hair on these two was intoxicating. Zack with his red curls and bulging biceps. Jay with his dark fur and toned body. They were instantly into the puppy play factor and growled and woofed at each other as they went to work orally.

After some sexy dick sucking, Jay bent Zack over and ate his ass, rimming him ready for the raw fuck he was about to deliver. Jay eased his thick, curved cock inside beefy Zack’s beautiful bubble butt. He began pounding pretty soon thereafter, filling his significantly larger costar’s hole with his drool-worthy rod. Zack was more than content to lay there like a good boy and let his pint-sized partner plow his down under. Pups for life, Jay was on top of Zack doggystyle. He buried his bone balls deep repeatedly as Zack’s bountiful ass bounced with the pounding. Then they switched so Jay’s load could subside for a moment.

Zack licked and fingered Jay’s tight, fuzzy hole before inching his pierced prick deep inside. Now the positions seemed traditional, bigger guy on top, wrapping his smaller costar up in his arms. With lube and precum from Jay’s cock dripping from his broken-in ass, Zack thrust hard and mightily into his partner’s pucker. Jay couldn’t believe how great Zack felt inside him, almost making him cum. His own cock was throbbing and firm. Then it was Jay’s turn back on top. He got Zack on his back in missionary and annihilated his auburn ass. In this position, they definitely had a big dog / little pup vibe. Jay worked diligently, absolutely slamming Zack’s sweet ass. His bareback bone looked hot as fuck thrusting into that hairy ginger hole. He got him into doggy against the edge of the bed as well, screwing him intently.

Then Jay was mounted for a Zack attack and wasn’t going to stop stroking his dick until he emptied his sack that had been teased twice earlier. Now he would follow through with the eruption of cum. Zack nailed him to the bed with his pierced hammer. He worked it slow to start, letting Jay build up the attraction and load. Then the pumping came. He fucked him hard like he wanted and Jay jerked out a hot nut onto his insanely hairy happy trail. His big, hard boner pushed out pearl jam and Zack bent over to lick it up. He tasted it, shared it with Jay, then went back for seconds.

Zack crashed on the bed and let Jay finger fuck him while he beat his Aussie meat. Jay leaned in to lick that pierced cock just as Zack was about to explode. He shot out a healthy seed and then collapsed in satisfaction as Jay cleaned up his gravy. More cum on hairy tummies and in bushy beards and on wet, red tongues. Jay climbed on top of Zack for a final nuzzle and as the scene faded out and Zack’s wandering hand found its way to Jay’s hairy hole. WOOF!


Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 01 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 02 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 03 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 04 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 05 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 10 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 11 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 12 Jay Davis and Zack Acland Flip Fuck Raw 13


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