Jay Roberts fucks Logan Moore in On The Tiles for MEN AT PLAY

JAY ROBERTS is back on MENATPLAY with European beauty of the moment LOGAN MOORE. After an intense gym session which has left Jay pumped and sweaty, he heads to shower to cool himself down. But seeing the blue-eyed beauty in the changing room does little to relax his muscles and as much as he tries he can’t keep his eyes of the enigmatic stranger. Luckily for him it becomes clear that the chemistry is mutual, as Logan is equally taken by Jay and especially by his fat, uncut dick swinging as he walks to the shower. Logan watches intently as Jay showers slowly working his hands down from his chest to his abs and finally to his hardening dick. Pretty soon Jay is rock hard and Logan finds the invitation impossible to resist and waking in the shower fully suited for an intense and erotic encounter – kissing, sucking and rimming each other passionately. Logan then turns around giving up his smooth ass and practically begging for Jay to fuck him deep and hard. A Wet Hot scene for lovers of wet suit play! So hot infact that you might need a shower to cool down – just make sure you keep your suit on!

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