Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw in “Sex and the SuperFacial” at GUY BONE

Joel wanted a super facial. Marco and Parker were happy to oblige both our requests. The three men were a perfect trio: Hairy, hung, handsome and horny for days! Super facials aren’t necessary a relatively new sexual encounter but they’re not always that common. No one knows the original source of these super facials but that doesn’t stop them from being super fun and thrilling, hence why Joel wants one. Joel and Marco arrived at the hotel as Parker was wrapping up his shower. They told him not to bother putting clothes back on and sandwiched him between their toned bodies. Joel had dropped to his knees to service Parker’s fat cock and Marco was making out with Parker up top. Parker quickly learned his place, the sexy boy toy for these two dominant daddy types. He was on his knees, bouncing back and forth between both boners as quickly as he could that stayed solid for him thanks to VigRX Plus. Joel and Marco sucked face above as he worshipped and worked over their raging erections below. As greedy as they could have been with his mouth, Joel and Marco were incredible at sharing. They passed his wet, bearded mouth back and forth, making sure the other was always orally satisfied.

After a quick rim to wet his ass with that long, talented tongue, Joel stood at the edge of the bed and fed his dick to Parker’s hungry hole. Marco plugged Parker’s other hole with his meaty cock and the monkey in the middle moaned through throat gags when they called him a good boy. Joel suggested a switch up and traded places with Marco who was hairy nuts deep inside Parker before Parker knew what was up. As Marco pounded that sweet boy ass, Joel stuffed his throat full of long, rock hard cock. He felt the shaft bulging against Parker’s Adam’s apple and had Marco take a feel. Parker’s dick was raging, he was so into all the attention from the couple. Joel laid on the bed and Parker squatted over his behemoth boner. He slowly took a seat on it, feeling its full length fill him up. He rode Joel’s cock fantastically, making hot eye contact. Joel pumped away at that pretty pucker then flipped Parker on his back for some more hot 3way action as Marco joined them at the foot of the bed. Parker gobbled up Marco’s dick, then ate his delicious hole while Joel screwed him senseless.

They were ready for some train action, so as Joel fucked Parker, Marco entered his partner from behind. What a glorious train it was. Marco fucked Joel so hard he forced Joel’s dick to fuck Parker’s ass harder, deeper. Joel fucked Parker and simultaneously fucked himself on Marco’s raw rod. “Bareback sex with you is so fucking good,” started Joel in the next shot as he slowly, softly entered Parker again. Their bodies made one helluva connection. Parker’s prick agreed as it began leaking pre cum. Joel dabbed a drop out and tasted it, concluding sexily, “dude, I’m milking the cum outta this kid.” Marco was back inside Parker’s mouth, leaning over into a hot 69 so he could slobber all over Parker’s knob at the same time. Then he scooted up the bed as Joel snuggled tight beside Parker so they could both devour Marco’s brunette butt.

They spread his cheeks apart like hungry pigs at the trough and tongue fucked his hole between French kisses and beard brushes. They passed his ass back and forth so they could both get face fulls of hot, wet hole. Then Marco married the spit with SPUNK Lube and started on his boyfriend’s big boner. He moved from Joel to Parker, letting both guys use his daddy ass. So much body hair. I was in awe of every furry square inch. Joel slid around to the backside and opened Marco’s ass to show off Parker’s hot penetration. The time to cum had come and the three buds kicked back on the bed and rubbed out enormous loads. Joel’s dream came true as he received simultaneous shots of semen to the beard from both Marco and Parker. Looking like a kid on Christmas, Joel’s eyes welled up with tears of excitement and delight as Marco dumped his big load on Joel’s beard. Parker was right behind him with a delicious frosting-like facial that drizzled from his lips and chin. They both kissed him and tasted their combined sperm samples. Joel jerked his big dick furiously as they nibbled his nipples. He bellowed a shrieking sex cry as he shot out an equally impressive load across his hairy torso. Then he promptly erupted in laughter, joined by his two costars. They all collapsed, Joel covered in cum, and created the title of the scene by chanting “SuperFacial” and Parker’s now classic line, “you’re so superFACIAL.”

Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 01 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 02 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 03 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 04 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 05 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 06 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 07 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 08 Joel Someone and Marco Napoli Fuck Parker Allen Raw 09

Watch “Sex and the SuperFacial” at GUY BONE

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