Jonah Fontana Nails Ian Greene Hard in “The Ten Spot: Scene 3” at NAKED SWORD

Bonafide “Tens” Jonah Fontana and Ian Greene hook up and Jonah knows just where to go – The Ten Spot. Ian asks too many questions so Jonah tells him to stop talking and put his dick in his mouth. Ian proves to be a world-class cock sucker which only makes Jonah more eager to fuck Ian’s hot ass. Once Ian’s hole is wet with spit Jonah sticks his hard cock in and nails him hard on the legendary Ten Spot couch. After a brutal fuck-down, Jonah finally pulls out. So he shoots a hot stream of jizz three-feet into Ian’s hungry pie hole.


Jonah Fontana Nails Ian Greene Hard 01 Jonah Fontana Nails Ian Greene Hard 02



You can watch this scene at NAKED SWORD


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