Killian James Fucks Gabriel Phoenix Hard at UK NAKED MEN

‘Who stole Killian’s sneakers’? It’s hardly a whodunit! But when Killian finds his favourite sneakers/trainers missing and his flatmate Gabriel Phoenix sniffing them and whacking his eight inch, uncut cock, he gives the cutie something better to do, by waving his own juicy, circumcised but delicious dick in Gabriel’s face. Gabriel’s been red hot for Killian for days ( and not just for this scene, but in real life, these guys have been chomping at the bit for days, Killian’s straight off the plane and ready to shoot a thick load – YUM). Gabriel’s already rock hard, sliding his tight foreskin back and forth over his glistening cock head, Killian’s bends him over and licks around his fuzzy peach of a bum and slides his tongue inside – Gabriels favourite kind of lube – spit. Then when he’s spanked him, OW look at that red hand print! its time to break in Gabriel’s tight little hole and ride him like a bucking-bronco, but not before Killian’s has redressed him – in his sneakers at least. Gabriel’s pushing back for more as his arse is well and truly punished, but where oh where to shoot those sticky-steamy-gloopy loads, on in the face and one in the sneaker!

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