Killian James Fucks JP Dubois in Sexperiment Episode 3: “Ass Worship” at NAKED SWORD

JP Dubois lies face down. He doesn’t even look to see who’s fucking his ass because he doesn’t care. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James doesn’t want anything except a hot hungry hole to fuck. It’s a perfect pairing. Killian knows his way around an ass – he uses his tongue, his fingers, sex toys and his cock like a true ass-master. In a daring Sexperiment, you’ll share every inch of JP’s uncut cock and go deep inside his tight hole with Killian as he breaks the third wall and narrates his way through the entire scene – it’s fucking hot!

NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_0a NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_0b NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_0c NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_1 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_2 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_3 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_4 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_5 Killian James Fucks JP Dubois 5a NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_6 Killian James Fucks JP Dubois 7 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_8 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_9 NSV041_sc3_KillianJames_JPdubois_AffilH_10