Letterio Amadeo Drills Brenner Bolton in Temptation at RAGING STALLION

Beefy, tatted stud Letterio Amadeo shares some intense kissing with smooth, lean Brenner Bolton. Letterio is furry, muscular and wears a ring in his right nipple. Brenner stretches the foreskin on Letterio’s meaty, up-curved cock before sucking it. Grabbing the back of Brenner’s head, Letterio face-fucks him with and thrusting rhythm, as spit drips down onto his thick cock for lube. Spearing Brenner’s ass with two fingers of each hand, Letterio spreads and stretches the walls of Brenner’s hole until his tongue can slip in easily. Letterio’s tongue paves the way to loosen up Brenner’s ass to get it ready for Letterio’s massive uncut cock to slide in. Groans of pleasure echo through the room as fireworks of cum burst from Brenner’s cock. As sweet as Brenner’s hole is, Letterio saves his load for Brenner’s mouth.

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