Letterio Amadeo fucks Sean Zevran in “Sidewinder” at RAGING STALLION

Letterio Amadeo flirts with Sean Zevran as they take a roasted walk thru the desert. When Sean says he’s looking for snakes, Letterio wonders if the one in his jeans will fit the bill. He kisses Sean and suggests that they fuck. Sean whips Letterio’s massive uncut cock out of his jeans and takes it deep into his throat and nibbles on Letterio’s foreskin. Letterio’s cock is a thick, 10-inch, ‘Sidewinder’ of flesh with acres of foreskin.  Covered in a furry blanket of hair, Letterio grips and pinches his pierced nipples while Sean sucks Letterio in deep, choking gulps. Letterio decides it’s time to warm up Sean’s hole to prep him for the pounding he’s about to endure, so he spreads Sean’s ass apart and plants his winding tongue deep into his crack. Letterio vigorously strokes Sean’s meat, then shoves his massive curved cock inside of Sean. Pounding him doggie style, Sean takes every inch of Letterio’s dick. Things get wet and messy when they stand up and rub out each others heated loads.

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