Liam Knox and Eddy Ceetee Flip Fuck in the sling factory for “Sling, Scene 3” at TITAN MEN

Store manager Eddy CeeTee heads to the factory to check out hot new designer Liam Knox. Liam shows off a new fuck bench, hopping on to test it out. Eddy grinds his bulge against Liam’s ass: “Looks good. How does it feel?” They rub each other’s buff bodies and take off their tanks, kissing as their hairy pecs meet. Eddy releases Liam’s cock, sucking the moaner deep. He gets pulled up for a kiss before Liam returns the favor. He swallows Eddy’s thick beauty.

Liam bends over, offering his furry hole for Eddy’s tongue. Eddy pounds the verbal bottom from behind, Liam’s tight ass rippling (“Gimmie that fucking dick!”). Liam turns over, his hard cock bouncing as Eddy fucks him fast.

Eddy then offers his ass in the sling, gripping onto the chain as he gets owned. The excited stud gets on his back, yelling “Keep fucking me! Fuck me hard!” as he strokes out his load, his sac sliding against Liam’s hairy groin. Liam then dumps his hot load all over the bottom’s cock.


Liam Knox and Eddy Ceetee Flip Fuck 01 Liam Knox and Eddy Ceetee Flip Fuck 02 Liam Knox and Eddy Ceetee Flip Fuck 05



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