Mack Manus fucks Hans Berlin hard in Heavy Load Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

As they finish up work at a sex club, Mack Manus and Hans Berlin are aroused by their surroundings. Mack rubs his boot on Hans’ groin, taking out his own cock. Hans smiles up at him before deep throating the thick meat—his own dick throbbing below. Mack cups his sac and feeds it to Hans, then sucks him back—gripping Hans’ balls as he worships the big uncut rod. Mack licks his fingers to tease Hans’ ass as he sucks him. Mack gasps for air, Hans rubbing his boot on Mack’s cock—who grinds on it in a hot shot. Hans whips his dick on the sucker’s chest, Mack spitting on it before feasting on Hans’ hole. Hans gets plowed from behind, arching his back as his smooth muscles flex beautifully—his rock-hard cock bouncing with every deep thrust. Hans grips onto chains for support—which he also does as he sits down on the top and rides him balls deep, his boner continuing to bob. Hans gets on his back for more, the two soon squirting.

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