Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland at GAY BONE

Wasting no time, Michael and Zack were naked and rock hard. Michael slid his long pole down Zack’s eager throat and rubbed his furry belly. Michael dropped down on Zack’s pierced ginger cock and gave him an excellent hummer. That magic tongue of Michael’s was working wonders on his Aussie costar. Zack’s legs were in the air soon after, his hairy hole being devoured by a very hungry, horny Michael. The shaved headed sexpot sucked and slurped and salivated on Zack’s beefy muscle ass. Then he was wet and ready for the raw fucking. Michael guided his glistening cock inside Zack’s bareback butt.

Michael’s raging erection did its job, thrusting into Zack’s auburn asshole. Their sexy feet flexed and toes curled as they screwed. Michael did Zack in missionary to start, spreading his legs wide so he could see the hot show they were putting on just below Zack’s tightly drawn ballsack. Both boners were steel hard, both bodies hairy as hell. Zack bellowed and they complimented each other’s handy work. Michael flipped him over into doggystyle and squeezed his juicy ass cheeks tightly together around his shaft, making the fuck feel even better.

Michael’s untouchable ass looked divine humping away at Zack’s hole, and their toned legs were hairy and athletically aesthetic. Their grunts and groans were so audibly erotic. Michael’s gargantuan cock had opened Zack’s ass up nicely and they were able to fuck faster, harder, more animal than ever before. Michael bent Zack over, up by the headboard, and slapped his ass then nibbled his neck and breathed heavily into his ear. They were fucking on fire sexually, as bright as the ginger hair surrounding Zack’s pink hole. Michael played with his own stiff nipples as he plowed Zack from behind. He was nearing orgasm.

Zack was never hotter than when taking Michael’s big dick slowly and purposefully. He was driving his dick home, working up to that cumshot. Also he reached climax and shot inside Zack’s warm ass. He bred him hard and deep and only pulled out once he was finished to show off his seed. It dripped out of Zack’s ass onto the bed and they both marveled at it. Zack sat up on his knees and jerked his dick off while Michael hugged him from behind. He blasted a huge load across the bed, perhaps the biggest I’ve seen from him, and credited Michael with the impressive distance. They growled and squeezed each other tight, then it was over, with a finale as hot as the first shot. These two were everything I want from models and more! You’ll love it!


Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 01 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 02 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 03 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 04 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 05 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 06 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 07 Michael Phoenix Breeds Zack Acland 08


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