Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw at GUY BONE

Michael have requested John to work with. One is very hairy, the other not so much. One’s cut while the other is uncut. One wears glasses and has a super sexy nerd vibe while the other is pierced and tatted and has a split tongue. Opposites really do attract, at least in this case. Michael got his wish and John was mutually interested in filming. The guys cozied up on the couch and were already raging hard and raring to mess around. Both big dicked and throbbing for attention, Michael and John began touching each other and fondling bodies. Their erections towered from their groins as they started making out, softly and sensually. Michael put his foot up on the coffee table and enjoyed some oral satisfaction from his new bespectacled bud.

Michael spread open John’s firm ass cheeks to reveal his ready and waiting hole. He called it “perfect” then dove in, split tongue first. But holy fuck, Michael’s tongue is a wonder to behold. Once John’s ass was wet and readied, Michael slid his behemoth cock inside his warm hole and let it rest, to stretch. Then he began thrusting, gently pumping in and out of John’s eager ass. Michael got John on his back and fucked him raw in missionary. He told him he could cum like that if he wanted to, but John was saving his load for something more spectacular at the end of the scene. They screwed some more in missionary then switched to doggy over the coffee table.

Michael owned John’s asshole as he nailed him to that wooden block with his big cock. Michael fucked John until he couldn’t hold back his cumshot any longer. He pulled out and painted John’s already milky white back with his clearish white jizz. John reached back and took hold of Michael’s still pulsating cock and guided it back inside his warm hole. Michael quivered and cried out more as his leaking prick finished emptying its load inside John’s ass. With a giant rod buried in his belly, John clenched his ass and jerked his cock til he came that spectacular cumshot I mentioned earlier. An enormous nut shot from his dick and pooled on the coffee table below his balls. Michael kissed and nibbled John’s neck and they both shared a satisfied smile before I cut. They don’t get much easier or hotter than this, fellas. So please, do enjoy!


Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 01 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 02 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 03 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 04 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 05 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 06 Michael Phoenix Tops John Mack Raw 07


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