Two buffed studs Paco and Rogan Richards fuck each other hard in The Tourist at RAGING STALLION

Hairy and bearded, with pierced nipples, Paco is shocked when he finds Rogan Richards captured and bound. When their eyes meet, a sexual spark ignites. The connection is intense. Rogan asks for water: Paco takes deep draughts from a bottle and lets the reviving liquid drip into Rogan’s mouth. Suddenly, escape is the last thing on Rogan’s mind. The men grab each other in urgent lust. Paco swallows Rogan’s fat cock in deep gulps, squeezing Rogan’s balls against his massive thighs. Rogan spins Paco around, spreads the meaty butt cheeks, and slams his face into the intoxicating crevice. Paco’s hips rock reflexively. Rogan follows with a finger, then his cock, in a passionate, upright fuck that alternates between rapid full-body slams and a slow, sensual wave. Sweat falls like rain. They drop to the ground and fuck two ways on an old mattress until Paco sprays his load. Rogan takes aim at Paco’s face and unleashes thick jets of cum while roaring in ecstasy.

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