Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw at GUY BONE

Starting on his knees where a good pup belongs, Pup Vino made his GuyBone debut with the costar who recruited him, Parker Allen. He’d invited us into his home, which was completely transformed into a giant play space, for some fun time fucking. After getting comfortable in the sling room, bathed in purple lights, Pup Vino dropped to position and began worshipping Parker’s stiffening shaft. He pulled his own beast of a cock out of his jock and started stroking it. Parker face fucked his hairy costar until he gagged on the girthy rod. He beat his meat against Pup Vino’s tongue and twisted his nipples. The hungry pup lapped at Parker’s long cock and licked his big balls. Obviously skilled at sucking dick, Pup Vino had Parker’s hardon raging. Parker sat on a stool and Pup Vino got on all fours to blow him beneath the sling. Both guys’ nipple piercings glistened in the light as they moaned and groaned through the head giving. Both their sport socks and sneakers looked masculine as fuck as they got horizontal to get deep throating.

It didn’t take long to get Pup Vino’s toned, tatted ass in the sling. Parker spit on his dick and eased it into his pup’s hole. He gripped the sling straps and thrust further, breaking into Pup Vino’s back door. Pup Vino looked perfect hanging hip height with his legs drawn up to his muscled chest. He opened his ass for Parker to add some SPUNK Lube and then the sexy top’s cock was back inside him lickety-split. Adorned in aubergine, Parker repeatedly poked Pup Vino’s hole with his prick. His fat, bareback cock slid in and out of Pup Vino’s raw hole with ease. Parker picked up the pace and really railed Pup Vino’s ass. He pulled the sling and his bottom toward him, driving his dick as deep as it could possibly go. He pounded away at the pup’s pucker, both men reveling in the ravishing. The harder Parker fucked him, the harder Pup Vino’s cock got. And damn, he’s hung! Love when a bottom gets rock solid to show off how turned on they are by the boner up their butt!

The good pup turned around so he was sitting in the sling doggie style. Here, Parker could stand still and let Pup Vino swing back and forth across the surface of his shaft. Then he’d fucking plow him. Pup Vino begged Parker to breed him as he got back on his back in the sling. Parker beat up that hole with his dick, not stopping until he’d loaded the pup up with hot cum. He pulled out to show some seed leaking out, then pushed it back in with his cock. He moved behind Pup Vino and played with his nipples as the horny pup beat his big baseball bat meat to completion. He blasted a load of jizz onto his stomach and showed off his ridiculously stiff dick. They kissed to conclude and I knew we had a hit on our hands! What a couple of fucking animals. Love it!


Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 01 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 02 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 03 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 04

Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 05 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 06 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 07 Parker Allen Tops Pup Vino Raw 08


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