Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard in “Clothing Optional” at RAGING STALLION

Pierce Paris is waiting patiently in the dungeon next to the sling when Rikk York enters his lair. He likes what he sees in the hairy stud and takes control as he cuffs Rikk’s hands behind his back. Also Pierce can sense that Rikk wants things a little rough. So he grabs a riding crop and a flog to spank Rikk’s round hairy ass. Rikk eats it up and loves the flogging as he moans out with each lash from Pierce’s strong, muscled arms. All the action makes Pierce hard as hell and he uses Rikk’s hungry face like a hole. So Rikk gets face-fucked balls deep down his throat. And then Pierce throws him in the sling with his legs in the air.

Pierce starts out slow with a dildo up Rikk’s tight ass to open it up and builds to using his throbbing monster cock. ‘You’re such a dirty little fucking slut,’ Pierce tells Rikk. Also his dick slams into the hole in front of him. Pierce keeps up a steady pace with his jumbo sized cock as Rikk rocks his world swinging back and forth in the sling. Pierce wants his cock serviced one last time. So he pulls Rikk out of the sling. After slamming his busted hole one last time, he fucks Rikks’s face for the last time. And then he busts a nut all over Rikk’s wide-open mouth. The taste of Pierce on his lips puts Rikk over the edge. So he lets loose to dump a massive load of jizz all over the floor.


Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 01 Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 02 Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 03 Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 04 Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 05 Pierce Paris Drills Rikk York Hard 06


Watch “Clothing Optional” at RAGING STALLION


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