Interview for NAKED SWORD:
In the past year, Ricky Larkin’s body has gone from average swimmer’s build to ridiculously ripped muscle man. Find out how and why he made the big change, whether or not he has a boyfriend, and if he ever plans on bottoming.

The Sword: You look amazing. What in the world have you done to transform into such a beast? Tell me about your workout routine.
Ricky Larkin: First off, thank you for noticing! My body’s evolution comes from endless hours of not only educating myself on the dos and don’ts of dieting and exercise but actually putting in the necessary work, day in and day out. It’s gone from a hobby to a lifestyle to an obsession. My workouts follow one simple guideline: Love it. Kill it.

What’s the hardest part about keeping up your physique?
Traveling definitely throws a curve in my diet and exercise routines. But through it all, I still manage to do something to keep improving day by day.

Do you have a boyfriend? How do you describe your sexuality?
No, I do not have a boyfriend. Also as for my sexuality, that is a complex subject as I’m not a fan of labels. However, I go into every scene and always give you the real me.

Where did you go and what were you doing when you weren’t doing porn last year? You had a sort of hiatus for a while?
I took a break to see what else was out there. Also I’m very talented at everything I do, not just performing in front of the camera.

What’s the best part about being Ricky Larkin?
So where do I begin?

Which other gay porn star bodies are you envious of?
Envious? None, I’m building what I think is the perfect body in my eyes.

What are a few of your junk food/candy weaknesses?
Wow you had to do it to me, huh? LOL. My favorite food is pizza, but Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream is a close second. So I try not to keep the junk food around though because I will binge eat ALL of it in one sitting.

Would you say you’re getting more attention now in the industry because of your new body, or is it about the same?
Every day I’m getting more recognition because everyday I’m getting better. So guess what? I’m not done yet.

What prompted you to make the change in the first place?
A change needed to be made. I’m not out to be just another “porn guy.” I’m out to make myself a brand. Also a paycheck isn’t
going to cut it for me anymore.

Thanks, Ricky!

Cock : 8″

Body Hair : Hairy

Height : 6’0″

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Position : Versatile

Foreskin : Cut

Body Type : Muscular



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