Rocco Steele Fucks Kyle Kash Hard in Stiff Sentence at HOT HOUSE

Sexy new inmate Kyle Kash just landed in jail, and stud Rocco Steele, who’s been in a while, offers him the ‘you take care of me, I’ll take care of you’ policy. When he sees the size of Rocco’s cock, Kyle realizes he’s found the perfect prison daddy. Kyle is on his knees gagging on the girth through the bars of the cell in no time. As jumpsuits hit the floor, so does Rocco to give Kyle’s smooth center a super-wet tongue drilling. Officer Durano plays voyeur from his desk with his uncut cock in hand as Rocco loosens Kyle’s hole. Things heat up when Rocco shoves his fat rod into Kyle’s ass through the jailhouse bars. Inmate Steele pays off Officer Durano to let him out so he can bend Inmate Kash over a bench. Switching positions, Inmate Kash climbs aboard Rocco’s prostate drilling meat for a hole-stretching sit fuck. Switching positions once more, Rocco pounds Kyle on his back until he shoots his creamy load onto his abs. Inmate Steele pulls out and sprays Inmate Kash with his wad.

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