Rock Ramsey barebacks Brock Hart at HAIRY AND RAW

What do 2 Muscle studs have in common in the tropical Florida weather? A HOT and horny fever in the afternoon sun. Tattooed Rock Ramsey and Big Boy Brock Hart take to sex like ducks in water in this muscle scene that will get you begging to be in the center of the action. After lounging in the sun on a Balcony the heat gets to Rock and Brock. Glances are exchanged, hands wander, lips lock and the hot sex begins. Brock is the first down on his knees revealing Rock’s hard tattooed cock. Brock is in awe of Rock’s prick; slowly sucking it deep, making love to it with his mouth and warm wet throat. Brock drools on the shaft and rod while his saliva slowly drips down to Rocks big nuts. Rock takes advantage of the blowjob by moaning with contentment. Minutes later Rock leads Brock into the room where the ass eating begins. Lips lock again with the musky taste of manhole between these two men. Top man Rock can’t wait any longer and slowly slides his greasy tattooed cock deep inside Brock’s tight hole. Brock’s eyes and hole widens to take Rock big raw dick balls deep. Both are expert fuckers and the men become greedy sex fiends with each other as their stud hips bang back and forth drilling and pounding for cum. Rock flips Brock on his back where Rock’s curved cock hits the spot and Brock nuts a load of hot jizz on his belly. Rock continues to drill, taking advantage of Brock’s raw, tight hole till he shoots his spunk deep in Brock’s gut. Both studs take their share of raw tropical sex in the sunny afternoon.

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