Sean Duran and Jacob Woods Flip Fuck in Waiting for Cock at MEN OVER 30

When Jacob Woods comes home from his day of work, he finds boyfriend Sean Duran with his dick out on the bed, jerking off by himself. It seems Sean couldn’t wait, but now that Jacob is home, Sean is more than willing to trade his porn for the real thing, and so he puts down his phone and picks up Jacob’s cock, downing it before flipping him over and eating his ass. Sean’s horniness is on full display as he slides his dick into Jacob and pounds from behind, cumming almost instantly as he showers Jacob with his load. But he’s not done yet, as he then mounts Jacob and gives him the ride of his life, milking the cum out of Jacob’s dick with his wanting hole. As Jacob unloads all over him, he thinks that maybe Sean should start without him more often. Enjoy!



Watch Waiting for Cock at MEN OVER 30


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