Sean Maygers Drills Josh Conners Deep in “Private Practice” at HOT HOUSE

Interns Sean Maygers and Josh Conners are the last two people in the clinic after everyone has gone home for the night. They’re both horny as hell. So when they get out of their scrubs, Josh is the first to go in for some dick. Sean lies back on the exam table and offers up his massive meat for Josh to gobble down his throat. Josh takes good care to make sure that every inch is serviced. Also he keeps up the work until he’s ready to take it up his ass. Sean is attentive to Josh’s needs and gets on his knees to open up his co-worker’s shaved asshole with his tongue to make it easier for him to take his extensive member.

When Josh is bent over begging for cock, Sean finally gives the hunk what he craves. So he slides it deep inside the horny intern. Sean pounds away as if it’s the last asshole he’ll ever plunge. Also he is stretching Josh to the absolute limits with each slam from his swollen groin. The sweaty studs keep a steady pace until Josh lets loose and covers his smooth stomach with jizz. Josh is in the mood to eat some cum and gets down between Sean’s muscular thighs to take every last drop the stud has to offer on his face and in his hungry mouth.


Sean Maygers Drills Josh Conners Deep 01 Sean Maygers Drills Josh Conners Deep 02 Sean Maygers Drills Josh Conners Deep 03 Sean Maygers Drills Josh Conners Deep 04


Watch “Private Practice” at HOT HOUSE


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