Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks in “Vice” at RAGING STALLION

Vice cop Damian Taylor is at police headquarters with detective Daymin Voss. Daymin tells Damian that he ‘wants to do gay shit’ with him. Damian takes his fellow blue brother up on the offer. And then he frantically unbuckles the detective’s belt to release his big hairy dick. Damian takes it in his mouth. Also he sucks it like his life depends on it as he rips off his clothes. Daymin’s primal instincts kick in and he’s soon the one begging for cock down his throat. The hairy muscle studs peel off the rest of their clothes and Damian takes his position in a chair. He opens his legs wide for Daymin to get in with his mouth. Also he makes the hung detective gag and cough by stuffing his face with dick.

Daymin is like a machine, sucking and slurping and spitting all over. So he services the thick shaft and big balls in front of him. His steady pace and talented tongue bring Damian to the brink, And then he pulls out to spray Daymin’s face with cum. Covered in Damian’s load, Daymin pounds away on his ready-to-burst cock until he polishes the floor with buckets of sticky white jizz.


Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 01 Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 02 Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 03 Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 04 Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 05 Two Hairy Cops Suck Dicks 06




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