Xavi Duran Fucks Isaac Eliad at BUTCH DIXON

What to do with a beautiful new face!? – cum in it, that’s Isaac’s way of thinking. Stunning, sparkling blue eyed hunk Xavi Duran pops his porno cherry with a resounding splat as he and Isaac Eliad fuck up a steamy, spunky, hairy storm in the dungeon. Isaac is looking as sexy as ever, he’s been saving up his sexual energy and his creamy load for days to give this sexy, blue-eyes stunner a good ploughing and soaking and Xavi is getting it every which way, upside, downside and even as Issac thrusts this insatiable, hairy pup is pushing back, riding that, veiny, stiff uncut cock for all he’s worth, with every thrust Issac is ready to blow that daddy load right up inside of him but he has a special treat for beautiful Xavi.When these bristling, bearded, tatted studs have fucked all over the dungeon and suckled on each others juicy, uncircumcised dicks – Issac pushes his aching sated fuck-pup to his knees and blows his creamy, thick, steaming load all over that handsome face – well wouldn’t you?

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