Zaddy Tops Avi Jacobs Raw at GUY BONE

New GuyBone Guy Zaddy was boned solid from the second he saw costar Avi in person. They locked lips immediately and the sparks ignited. Avi grabbed a handful of hard cock trying to burst out of Zaddy’s gym shorts. They helped each other out of their shirts and continued groping and groaning. Avi dropped Zaddy’s shorts and dropped to his knees, taking all seven succulent inches of uncut cock into his mouth. Zaddy was hairy as hell, thick dark fur covered his toned yet cuddly body. Zaddy sat on the edge of the bed as Avi serviced his thick cock. He deepthroated it and let Zaddy face fuck him. They were both nice dicks! One uncut, one cut, best of both worlds. Zaddy was all man, masculine and brut as the day was long. He grunted and cursed as Avi sucked his stiff shaft.

Horny hung pup Avi climbed on top of Zaddy on the bed and kissed him deep. He squatted over his face and spread his cheeks so Zaddy could taste that divine derrière. Zaddy’s tongue and bushy beard took turns pleasuring Avi’s ass. Zaddy got him on his back so he could taste his cock as well. Zaddy couldn’t get enough of eating Avi’s ass. He put him in doggie and continued going to town. He spit, devoured, and fingered that delicious hole as he played with Avi’s hefty balls and rock hard cock. Avi’s milky white ass and jet black hole hair was so fucking sexy. Then he wanted his turn, so they swapped spots and he dove face first into Zaddy’s insanely furry ass crack. Zaddy dangled over the edge of the bed, his beautiful bubble butt aimed at the ceiling. Avi crouched and fucked his tight, hairy hole with his talented tongue.

Zaddy pulled Avi to the edge of the bed, the bottom on his back, and spit on his workspace. He very gently, considerately, began poking Avi’s ass with his prick. Kissing certainly helped relax Avi, but there was only a certain amount of relaxing he could do before he just had to let Zaddy pop it in. Their inked bodies bounced with the bareback boning. Zaddy’s raw cock slid briskly in and out of Avi’s hole, having successfully loosened him. Next they got into sexy spooning. Zaddy’s big bareback boner fucked Avi’s accommodating ass with ease now. Our diligent top hoisted his bottom’s leg into the air as he thrust into him. This position isn’t always the easiest depending on height difference. So once they started experiencing pop out issues, they switched to doggie style. Zaddy had Avi’s ass worked into a fucking froth factory in no time. Their sex juices oozed out as they screwed, a sure sign of satisfaction. Zaddy’s fat uncut cock was precumming like a leaky faucet.

Avi took a furious pounding, some brutal ass beating, and loved every sexy second of it. They’d slid to the edge of the bed in doggie, Zaddy standing on the floor, slamming his dick into Avi’s ass. Both boned up beyond belief, their sweat and sex dripped all over the place. Avi lifted one leg to show off their scintillating screw. Yum. The butt fucking was beyond wild. It was unbridled. It was beast mode. And that’s what got Zaddy to his brink. He pulled out long enough to show off his sloppy, salacious load before shoving it back inside Avi to breed him. Filled with his furry costar’s seed, Avi was ready to bust his own nut. He rode Zaddy’s cock one more time to get himself off. He erupted a hot, creamy batch of otter batter onto Zaddy’s sexy tummy and together they rubbed it in. Avi punched Zaddy’s tatted pec as a cap to one helluva brut, masculine, virile scene. Fuckin’ A, gents. Good thing they’re gay, or one of em would be pregnant.


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