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bareback otter romp

Bareback Otter Romp at GUY BONE

What’s bigger than a bareback 3way with a trio of hot otters who have all worked for several studios and wanted to cum together for ours? We got Damon Andros, Stephen Harte and Dusty Williams to have a raw romp for us and they clearly had just as much fun celebrating our milestone as we did! Damon took the hot top, dominant daddy role, standing up and schooling the other two with his sexy gym coach style. It didn’t take him long to finger both their hidden holes, testing the future waters he was excited to set sail in. They worshipped his swelling cock inside his jockstrap, showing off their oral skills and ability to please with tease. He urged them both to taste his long, cut cock and they did, at the same time, receiving a “good boys” praise from daddy Damon. Stephen quickly became otter in the middle as he sat on Dusty’s face and let Damon blow his boner. They treated their younger costar quite nicely, servicing him from both sides. Damon hopped into the spotlight again and let the guys make out with his cock in between their lips and tongues. All three dicks were so fucking stiff. Damon found his way to Dusty’s neglected hole and spit on it, burying his tongue deep inside, eating that ass like the pro he is. Stephen rubbed Dusty’s incredibly tight pecs as Damon lubed his cock head with SPUNK and eased his hardon inside. Dusty opened right up for him, having wanted that dick all day. Stephen sat on Dusty’s face again, making out with Damon while Damon fucked Dusty bareback and Dusty rimmed Stephen. Damon narrated how hot his cock looked fucking Dusty then asked Stephen if he was ready for his turn. Stephen very much was. He bent over doggie style next to Dusty, offered his hole to Damon, and moaned deliciously as Damon began to screw his sexcellent ass. Damon gave Stephen a nice, deep pounding, then moved over to Dusty again. He stabbed Dusty repeatedly with it while Stephen waited eagerly for his next ride. Damon moved from one bottom to the other, railing them both, making them both whimper with delight. Damon told the guys he wanted to see Stephen screw Dusty. They assumed a comfy position and Stephen became the hot top in training that Damon fantasized about. Before he got too used to being a total top, Damon was behind him, sliding his own dick back inside Stephen’s ass. He told Stephen to “fuck us both” and the young otter did just that, rocking his hips so that his ass worked Damon’s pole and his own cock fucked Dusty. He was once again otter in the middle, a place he seemed quite at home at. They switched it up at Damon’s command and Dusty entered Stephen’s sweet hole. Toned, handsome Dusty hammered Stephen’s hole and then suddenly Damon was inside him and he got to enjoy the otter in the middle experience. He cried out in joy, his body feeling sensations so fantastic. Like three wildly horny animals in heat, they humped to their heart’s content. Next came the sweet surprise we’d not planned, but certainly hoped for – the double penetration. Dusty was the brave, bold bottom who wanted to try two dicks up his ass at the same time. Stephen lay flat on the bed, Dusty straddled him and sunk his dick balls deep into his ass. Damon squatted above them and gently eased his stiff tool into Dusty’s hole alongside Stephen’s. Together, the two tops masterfully maneuvered their cocks to bring all three men absolute gratification. I almost creamed myself when Stephen and Damon commented on how they could feel each other shaft to shaft inside Dusty’s asshole. Too hot. Fucking Dusty, what a champ!  Damon wanted a nice view of Stephen’s ass while he fucked him, so he sat the otter pup on his lap, bone buried deep inside. Stephen worked up and down, showing off his tight hole as it stretched to accommodate Damon’s girth. The lubed and sweaty fur plastered to his butt cheeks was total eye candy, as was seeing this good boy take that daddy dick. These three guys knew sex and knew it well. Stephen rode that fucking dick as Damon spanked his beautiful butt. This was where Stephen got really loud and I got uber hard. Damon jackhammered his hole, balls flapping furiously, and Dusty sucked Stephen’s super stiff cock. It was only moments in this perfect position until Damon was ready to cum. He pulled out long enough to show off his creamy load then Stephen helped him tuck it back inside to breed his boy hole. He rode him til every last drop had been milked, then Dusty sucked the creampie from Stephen’s used hole. I don’t think I’ve ever filmed felching, but it was fucking hot to see one guy eat another guys load from yet another guys ass. Dusty hopped on Stephen’s boner for one last hoorah. Stephen fucked him fantastically, working out of him THE most impressive cumshot on our site. We wanted fireworks for our anniversary scene and Dusty supplied them. He shot ten, count them TEN, huge ribbons of jizz onto Stephen’s face, head, chest, neck. You name it, Dusty painted it. Damon cheered him on as he continued to dump buckets of cum on Stephen, whose eyes were wide with wonderment as he dodged as many baby batter bullets as he could. He somehow STILL ended up absolutely soaked in Dusty’s seed. He never looked hotter than when nearly drowning in Dusty’s nut. Fucking hot! That guy packed a wallop! Stephen had a tough act to follow, and yet provided his own fountain of cum as he jerked himself off to the sensation of Damon’s finger up his ass and Dusty’s fingers tweaking his nipple. Dusty got down and used his long tongue to clean up the mess and then they all collapsed into an otter pile.

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matthew bosch fucks eddy ceetee

Matthew Bosch Fucks Eddy Ceetee in Say Uncle Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

Back at the job site, Matthew runs into former high school wrestling teammate Eddy Ceetee. “You’ve definitely beefed up since high school,” admires Matthew—who is soon pinned to the ground as Eddy shows off his skills. “See what you did to me?” says Eddy, the bulge growing in his pants. “You did give the best blowjobs.” Matthew smiles back: “I’ve gotten better.” The two kiss, Matthew swallowing Eddy’s rock-hard cock. Eddy sucks him back, rubbing Matthew’s flat stomach. Their bushy groins then slam together as Matthew fucks the moaning bottom deep.

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sergio moreno barebacks xavi garcia

Sergio Moreno Barebacks Xavi Garcia in Horndogs, sc. 7 at KRISTEN BJORN

After looking at hot naked men all day at the beach, Xavi Garcia and Sergio Moreno return home horny and ready to fuck. Sergio and Xavi enjoy the slow ritual dance of stripping away their clothes and unveiling their rock hard cocks. Sergi wraps his full, succulent lips around Xavi’s straining cock and swallows him whole. Sergio then instructs Xavi to swallow his cock slowly as he guides his mouth onto his thick, uncut cock. Xavi turns and Sergio spreads his hairy ass cheeks open to expose his hot, pink hole. Sergio’s ravenous tongue dives in and heightens both men’s levels of pleasure. Xavi begs Sergio to fuck his raw ass so Sergio teases his wet ass before plunging his rigid cock deep within his bare ass. Squatting down on Sergio’s steel rod, Xavi lowers his ass onto Sergio’s cock and fills his canal and entire body full of ecstasy. Sergio fucks Xavi until he fucks the cum right out of his throbbing cock. Sergio continues to fuck Xavi as his balls draw up tight and as his cock fills with his load of cum that floods out of his hood like a geyser exploding into the sky. Xavi lowers his raw ass back onto Sergio’s cum drenched cock.  Seeing so many hot, naked men at the beach can make us all horny as fuck.

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viktor rom fucks mario domenech hard

Viktor Rom Fucks Mario Domenech Hard in Men of Madrid at RAGING STALLION

Horned up Mario Domenech was planning a hot hookup, but at the last minute his trick cancels. Mario’s friend Viktor Rom laughs, teasing Mario for his bad luck. But karma’s a bitch: suddenly Viktor’s hookup cancels too! ‘What now?’ asks Mario. ‘Looks like I’ll fuck you,’ says Viktor. Their beards rub together as they press their lips together, and Viktor prods Mario’s hole with a finger. They strip on the balcony; Mario rubs his hairy body, plump nips, and thick cock. Viktor reveals his statuesque physique and presents his massive cock to get sucked. Pressing down the back of Mario’s neck, Viktor makes sure his girthy cock gets sucked all the way to the balls. Mario runs his tongue beneath Viktor’s foreskin, and then they trade places, with Viktor using his teeth to tug on Mario’s foreskin. Mario spreads his ass and Viktor dives in with his tongue. Saliva drips down Mario’s balls as Viktor drenches his hole in spit. With Mario’s ass lubed up, Viktor uses his monster cock to stretch Mario’s hole wide. Viktor’s muscled chest and thick arms bulge as Mario backs his ass up. Like a raging bull, Viktor fucks faster and faster, harder and harder. Reclining on the bench, Mario lowers himself down on Viktor’s massive tool for a wild ride. Mario’s hole stretches wide as he slams down onto Viktor’s cock. Mario’s body shakes with the power of his massive orgasm as he blasts his huge load everywhere. Exhausted, he leans back on the bench and opens his mouth to receive Viktor’s cum.






Viktor Rom Fucks Mario Domenech Hard 12



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hugh hunter and stephen harte flip bareback

Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte Flip Bareback at BAREBACK CUM PIGS

Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte started making out hot and heavy before we even got the cameras rolling. The hairy fuckers were clearly horny! Bearded tattooed daddy Hugh enjoys a good blowjob before fucking Stephen’s face. Then he decides he wants a taste of what Stephen’s got to offer. Still wearing his jockstrap, Stephen is more than happy to let Hugh have his way but since he’s more of a bottom he’s soon getting rimmed, anxious to take Hugh’s big fat cock. Stephen ends up on all fours and on his back, legs up in the air, doing what he does best, taking cock and getting plowed deep hard and raw. And Hugh does what HE does best, stuffing and pounding the hell out of bareback power bottoms! But in a surprising turn of events that even we were unaware of, Hugh and Stephen swap positions and the bareback top becomes the bottom, taking a fuck from Stephen before the bearded otter sprays his load on, then in his ass. Hugh whips out a big thick load of jizz, which Stephen laps up and feeds to Hugh. Could it be Stephen is finding his inner top? Only time will tell.

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