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Gabriel Taurus Fucks Bruno Bernal Hard in Destroyer at RAGING STALLION

Bruno Bernal is going over some paperwork when Gabriel Taurus sneaks up from behind. Gabriel initiates passionate kissing, their dark beards rubbing together. Opening his fly, Gabriel pulls out his thick, hefty cock, and Bruno eagerly strokes it. Falling to his knees, Bruno opens his mouth wide and wraps his lips around Gabriel’s gargantuan member. Bruno’s cock is rock hard, but it’s his ass that Gabriel wants. Bending Bruno over a table, Gabriel uses the tip of his tongue to stimulate the sensitive center of Bruno’s tight hole. Now fully naked save for their sailor hats, Bruno and Gabriel get down to some hardcore fucking. Gabriel slams into Bruno’s ass, stretching Gabriel’s hole like never before. As the room heats up, so does the action, with Bruno throwing a leg over Gabriel’s shoulder for balls-deep penetration. As Gabriel pounds away, Bruno strokes himself and moans with pleasure. Reaching the climax, Gabriel cums in enormous gushes that drench Bruno’s muscular legs. Bruno shakes and shudders as he orgasms, then rises up for a final intense kiss.

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Jessy Ares Fucks Griffin Barrows in Ex-Machina : A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 at MENDOTCOM

Griffin Barrows has arrived at his new job and gets acquainted with his host Jessy Ares. First task? Fucking Jessy and taking note of the experience.

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Rocco Steele Fucks JD Phoenix in Sexperiment Episode 4: “Take My Pretty Hole Daddy” at NAKED SWORD

Somebody forced their way into JD Phoenix’s apartment. He explores every room until he discovers Rocco Steele standing alone, stroking his 10-inch cock. Rocco pushes JD up against the wall and begins to force him into submission. Is it consensual… is it unexpected… you can’t be sure. All you know is that this Sexperiment is burning with hot, insatiable sex. Rocco wants JD’s young hole and JD needs that monster cock more than he needs the air he’s breathing. Does he get it? Can he take it all? Watch it now and find out…

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Matthew Bosch and Jesse Jackman Flip Fuck Hard in “Cauke for FREE Scene 5” at TITAN MEN

Mike Cauke and a fellow former senator can’t contain their excitement when the bill passes. “We could both use a little redemption,” says Jesse Jackman, the two smooching as they rub each other’s chests. Jesse worships Matthew’s beast, then gets sucked before they stare into each other’s eyes and kiss. Jesse uses a tie to pull the bottom in close for a kiss as he fucks him, then offers his ass—his own dick pulsing with each thrust before the two tight-abbed studs unload.

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Damon Andros Fuck Stephen Harte Raw at GUY BONE

The bearded, bulging duo wasted no time getting to work. They were down to their jockstraps in seconds, Damon inviting Stephen to service his impressive cock. Stephen worshipped Damon’s long shaft, swallowing it balls deep down his talented throat. He sat against the headboard and let Damon face fuck him as he jerked his own rock hard cock. They laid down and Damon kissed him passionately from lips to furry armpits to fuzzy tummy and untamed hairy balls and bush. He sucked down Stephen’s otter cock and Stephen whimpered as his nutsack tightened. Damon made his way to Stephen’s eager hole. He spit on it, tapped it with his finger, and began devouring it. That hole was hungry and they both acknowledged it. Damon grabbed the SPUNK lube and doused Stephen’s furry back door. He drenched his curved, cut cock and slid it inside his costar slowly. Damon wiggled them down the bed further and squatted over top of Stephen, thrusting hard and deep down into his perfectly tight tunnel. His big heavy nuts smashed into Stephen’s crack as he screwed him. Then Stephen sat on top of his uber masculine partner’s beautiful tool and told him his ass was his. Damon owned that hole and then relaxed back and let Stephen ride, in charge for a moment. Stephen slapped his stone stiff cock against Damon’s chest and relinquished control back to his daddy. Damon pounded his raw cock hard into that boy hole, his balls slapping those fuzzy butt cheeks. When Stephen sat up from kissing Damon, a strand of pre cum webbed from his piss slit to his happy trail. Damon cleaned it off with his wet mouth, a preview taste test of the sticky boy batter brewing in those balls. He got Stephen on his knees in doggie, entering him from behind. Stephen bellowed as Damon ordered him to back up on his unsheathed cock. Then he took him back to pound town. He drilled his dick hard into that ass, pinning Stephen to the mattress. They’d started working up a sweat. Damon pulled Stephen onto his lap and fucked him in reverse cowgirl for a moment. And then came the role reversal. They lubed up Stephen’s insanely steely cock and Damon straddled his young costar. Damon’s tight hole stretched just enough to let Stephen’s firm erection inside. He sat on his son’s dick and let Stephen pump up into him. Stephen’s raw cock, covered in hair and lube, was getting even harder inside Damon. It wasn’t long before Damon took charge again, even as the bottom. He bounced up and down on Stephen’s boner, showing his boy how he liked it, how he wanted him to do it when they switched back. And then they returned to what was really right in the world, Damon annihilating Stephen’s ass. It was doggie style one last time to get them both to climax. Damon eased inside Stephen’s tatted ass and then pushed him down on the bed. He fucked fast and with intent. Stephen wailed his approval. The two studs sexed hard and Damon reached the finish line first. He pulled out, painted that beautiful boy hole white with cum, then stashed his swollen member back inside Stephen to breed him. Stephen soaked up every drop with his writhing ass, inviting that seed to flood his guts. He sat up and screwed Damon as he stroked out his own fruitful load, shooting it across the blanket. Damon wrapped his loving, protective arms around Stephen and tenderly kissed his neck. He congratulated him on a job nicely done and I was ready to pronounce these two “hottest porn couple ever.”

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