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rogan richards and dato foland fuck klein kerr

Rogan Richards and Dato Foland Fuck Klein Kerr in ‘DOUBLE STAKES’ for MEN AT PLAY

With the return of Australian Beefcake Rogan Richards , the SuperPorn Star Dato Foland and the undeniably stunning Klein Kerr this scene packs a mighty-meaty punch the likes of which we haven’t seen for a while on Menatplay . I mean three-ways are always a cock pumper but seriously ? these three together ? This is going to be a ride to remember . Dato , Rogan and Klein are among the top hottest men on the web and they cum together in this new Menatplay scene ” Double Stakes ” .
Rogan is working his shift at the local cruising bar serving up drinks for regular eye candy Dato Foland . Friendly banter turns to a wager when suited executive Klein Kerr walks in. Klein stands out like a perfectly dressed sore thumb and if Rogan’s bet plays out Klein will definitely be getting sore soon enough.Rogan bets his buddy Dato that he can’t get the suit off the stranger and fuck his brains out. This is easy prey for Dato so he takes up the challenge willingly . What follows is young Klein double sucking on the beefy boys dicks before becoming their spit roast . So we’re left wondering who won the bet – looks like they were all three winners in the end .

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antonio miracle and lucas fox fuck hans berlin

Antonio Miracle and Lucas Fox Fuck Hans Berlin in “Hot Stuff: Nightfall Sex” at KRISTEN BJORN

Antonio Miracle is home stroking his succulent cock waiting for his hot friends Hans Berlin and Lucas Fox to arrive. They all immediately begin stripping away the confinements of their clothing allowing their perfectly sculpted, muscular bodies to be exposed to the pleasures to come. Hans stands on the table while Lucas engulfs that hot cock into his moist mouth as Antonio pleasures Lucas’ cock with his ravenous mouth. Hans goes face down on the table and Lucas fucks his ass from behind with his probing tongue as Antonio goes at it from above. Each man tag teaming that hot pink hole with their wet, exploring tongues. Antonio is the first to ram his raw cock up Hans’s wet ass as he lowers himself onto that uncut piece of meat. Hans suckles on Lucas rock hard cock taking pleasure from both ends at the same time. Hans is moved onto all 4’s and is fed cock again from both ends, this time with Lucas driving his cock into his wild raw ass while Antonio forces his mouth all the way down onto his cock. Antonio and Hans move into a 69 suck fest as Lucas continues his invasion of Han’s perfect ass. Antonio floods Hans throat with his thick load of cum, which causes Hans to blow his load all over his abs. Lucas finishes off the chain reaction of cum drenching by exploding his hot load all over and inside of Hans’s ass. Time for a party at your house!

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Wesley Woods Fucks Skippy Baxter Hard in “On The Market” at HOT HOUSE

Power realtor Wesley Woods shows off the amenities of a new home to his client, Australian hunk Skippy Baxter. Reaching the bedroom, Skippy let’s Wesley know that he’s interested — interested in going down on Wesley’s fat cock. Eagerly, Wesley drops his trousers and shoves his girthy boner down Skippy’s throat. They unbutton their shirts, revealing ripped torsos dusted with hair. Skippy jumps up on the bed in doggy style position and spreads his cheeks for Wesley to deliver a deep tongue bath. Probing Skippy’s ass with a finger, Wesley’s cock throbs as he prepares for penetration. Mounting Skippy from behind, Wesley pounds his ass with mighty thrusts, and his fat balls slap against Skippy’s taint. They change positions with Wesley on his back and Skippy riding Wesley’s cock. Transitioning to missionary position, Skippy hooks a leg over Wesley’s shoulder and enjoys the deep penetration of Wesley’s stiff dick. As Wesley pounds away, Skippy jerks himself off until his cum explodes in pearly drops all over his hairy abs. Kneeling above Skippy’s face, Wesley unleashes a thick white load that smother’s Skippy’s chin.

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hans berlin fucks gabriel phoenix

Hans Berlin Fucks Gabriel Phoenix at UK NAKED MEN

Hans is on the prowl looking for a vulnerable, cutie to lure back to his playroom, Gabriel’s naive, but curious and of course super hot and overly hung. Gabriel’s up on tip toe as Hans pulls him in for a very tonguey kiss and within seconds Gabriel is ‘up-for-anything’, Hans sucks the handsome lads big dick and makes sure he’s well and truly in the mood before lifting him up and back into the sling. Hans manouevres the boy into prime position, arse, balls, uncut cock, all exposed, its like a buffet of erogenous zones, and Hans is a hungry man. Gabriel moans with pleasure as every sense he has is sated by Hans’ probing tongue, fingers and finally at last that club-shaped cock, the kind thats thicker at the head than at the base, so every time Hans pulls it out of that sopping hole, Gabriel is stretched, puckering and drooling wide open, its not gonna be long before this boy blows!

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Bruce Beckham Fucks Tegan Zayne and Derek Deluca In “Dicklicious” at RAGING STALLION

Derek Deluca trades blowjobs with hairy otter Tegan Zayne. Bruce Beckham joins in, feeding his hard cock to Derek’s mouth. Tegan rims Derek’s ass, using his tongue and his fingers to fill Derek’s hole with spit. Obediently, Derek sucks on Bruce’s cock, stretching his lips around Bruce’s impressive girth. Tegan and Derek trade places; as Tegan services Bruce’s cock, Derek stretches Tegan’s hole so wide you can almost see inside him. Bruce’s bodybuilder physique captivates Derek and Tegan, and they both orally worship Bruce’s manhood, sucking his hard cock and licking his balls. Lying on his back, Bruce invites Tegan to sit on his face as Derek continues to suck Bruce’s rod. Tegan’s hairy ass is irresistible, and Bruce shows his enthusiasm by burying his face deep between Tegan’s fuzzy cheeks. Standing up, Bruce drives his fuckstick into Derek’s ass as Derek slobbers on Tegan’s cock. Tegan gets spitroasted next, as Bruce pounds Tegan’s hole while Derek facefucks Tegan’s beardy mouth. Spit rolls down Tegan’s cheeks as he struggles to swallow Derek’s cock. All three men recline and jerk their cocks as they reach the final stretch. First Bruce blows his load on his stomach, followed by Derek. Bruce gives Derek a taste of their loads as Tegan builds up steam. As his furry stomach flexes, Tegan shoots high in the air, glazing his hairy body with spunk.

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